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peachydee927's Journal

27 September
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I'm the funniest person you'll ever meet, so lucky you. I'm never sarcastic whatsoever, so please take everything I say very seriously.

I'm a bit crazy (but the best ones are, right?). I like to have fun with my friends, whether it is a dinner out with the girls or just watching a football game with the gang. I'm proud to be a Southern Belle. No, I am not an ignorant bigot just because I talk a little slower...I just love the warmth (from both the people and the weather) and the lifestyle of the south. Plus, I don't really enjoy wearing shoes so summer affords me the ability to wear flip flops or no shoes at all. :-) I love to travel, especially to Europe and I hope to step foot on every continent before I die (with the exception of Antarctica, of course). Basically, I love to enjoy life via family, friends, food, my boyfriend, retail therapy, laughing, jokes, fanfiction, being a total fan nerd, music and whatever else I happen to stumble upon!